A story appeared on Twitter just over two years ago about how Snoop Dogg, who turned into ‘Smoooth Dogg’, became an investor in Swedish payment provider Klarna. This week, the FCA published a review and the news might not be good for one of the biggest FinTechs in Europe.

Klarna has grown into one of the most powerful FinTech Unicorns in Europe. Valued at more than the likes of Revolut and Monzo, it has also grown into a major player in the U.S. over the last year or so.

Backed by Sequoia since 2010 where the FinTech is described as…

In our fast-paced lives, we rarely stop to consider in detail the issue of social value when it comes to major transformations in the market economy.

Last year’s BBC Reith Lectures, delivered by the former Governor of the Bank of England, highlighted this point. Mark Carney’s lectures interrogated assumptions and theories of value from objective economic value theory to subjective value theory. He suggested that the failure of economic actors to prioritise social value over financial value helps to explain three of the great crises of the 21 stcentury: credit, covid, and climate.

Mark Carney on @BBC’s Reith Lectures


The focus on sustainability and ESG in 2021 is clear for everyone to see. The rather controversial riots in the U.S., followed on by nationwide protests across Russia was not something we had predicted, though. Climate doesn’t seem to be the only emergency that 2021 has presented itself with so far.

And perhaps the title of Biden’s Climate Czar may not be appropriate with the backdrop of events in Russia last weekend, but this is how many observers are now referring to John Kerry.

Announced back on the 23 rdof November, by the then President-elect, Kerry started his role as…

Joe Biden has a lot of people to thank for his election as President, and not just Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but a whole host of others who helped him become the latest POTUS. With the Democrats making Blue Waves across the Congress and Senate, there will be very little in the way of Biden’s plans to pick the right Regulator.

The agenda for Biden was already being touted as ESG, China and the Stimulus package before he started, but it started to properly clarify this week.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A few years ago, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren had a mighty showdown…

For all its challenges, 2020 was a great year for Investment Banking. JP Morgan kept top spot, while Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse both continued to do exceptionally in equities markets, according to a report in the Financial Times last week.

Investment Banks have had to support a variety of initial public offerings around the world in 2020, accounting for a large percentage of their fees.

Nasdaq proudly welcomed 300 IPOs — including the largest IPO of the year, Airbnb, as well as companies such as Wish, Warner Music Group, GoodRx and more — raising a total of $77.86 …

When it comes to green fintech, Switzerland is on a roll. The Alpine country is stepping up its support for the fashionable holy union of fintech and sustainable investing, with its Federal Council having launched a Green Fintech Network to ‘identify areas in which the conditions for green fintech could be improved’.

State secretary for international finance Daniela Stoffel launched the network — which has fintech and venture capital firms, as well as consultancies, law firms and universities — as members.

The aim is to publish an action plan in the spring.

This state-backed activity follows the Federal Council’s adoption…

When we started the Editorial plan for 2020 there were some slightly different trends on the agenda than the ones we are seeing today. And, for all that Blockchain has been pushed by many for the last few years as the biggest disruptive technology to hit Banking since online banking, we didn’t see it as the biggest gamechanger of 2020. Nor did our readers, from what we have been able to assess.

We started the year strong with talk of Asia, the changing landscape in the US, and how Fintechs continue to thrive in the UK. Things soon changed though…

It is always a challenge to write a fitting epilogue to a Year, and even more so in the case of the disastrous year that 2020 has been. And, as opposed to some of the other large financial newswires, we won’t tell you all about how the editorial team learnt to bake bread and took their dogs for too many walks. Or how we rediscovered the amazing English countryside. No, we want to focus on some of the investment ups and downs that 2020 was so generous with, and perhaps mention Tesla too.

The graph in our headline relates to…

Back in the 1990s, Sweden began investing heavily in its technology infrastructure. The government wanted all households and businesses across the country to have access to IT infrastructure and broadband to
create ‘an information society for all’. High-speed internet lines were installed and citizens were given tax breaks to buy home computers. Schools adopted robust engineering programmes. Innovation became part of the national identity — a trait that has helped this small country stand out in the face of fierce international competition.

As a new generation grew up equipped with the necessary skills to achieve in the tech economy, Sweden…

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies gathers pace, the means by which businesses and their customers can buy and exchange Bitcoin and altcoins, and use them to make payments, is becoming increasingly important. Among the fastest-emerging of these services is Lithuania-based CoinGate.

Compliant with local and European Union regulations, CoinGate is a payment gateway for blockchain payments that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide and free of risk. The company’s system aims to make Bitcoin and altcoin transactions a practical option for merchants, increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies globally by providing reliable, accessible and convenient payments infrastructure that caters for the…


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